Bishop Eye and Jaw Script

I remember the first time I got to animate with Bishop, I was super excited! He continues to be a really fun rig to animate with. I was however always frustrated in the way the controls were setup, specifically for the eyes and the mouth. All was well and good while blocking, but when it came time to re-time, spline, polish, etc it was a nightmare.

The issue: The Lid Shapes and Eye Translates are on the same control.
Bask in the horror of trying to re-time an eye dart without affecting the blink.

The issue: The Mouth Shapes and Jaw Translates are on the same control
My head hurts


The Solution: Split these controls up. Give the Lid Shapes their own, the Mouth Shapes their own, the Jaw Transalte it’s own, the Eye translates their own.


So how do you do that?

The Good News: I’ve done it for you. By OPENING (not referencing) your Bishop file and running this script, these issues will be a thing of the past. Once the script has run, save your file and you can reference Bishops like you always have, but now with this improved workflow.

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