A simple fly rig

The shot I am currently working on calls for an annoying little fly. I thought about just using a black sphere, but in thinking about it, I felt a fly might be something that I’d use again in the future… I also recall seeing a number of animations out in the wild that involved a pesky insect. So I took the extra time to make an appealing, easy to animate little fella to share with you all. (Download link is at the bottom of this post)


He only has the one control. This control is used to move him throughout the scene, but it also has a few attributes on it for animating the wings.



With Auto Flap turned on, the wings will flap on their own at the speed indicated in Flap Speed. When Auto Flap is turned off, the wings are controlled manually with the Flap attribute. This allows you to easily key between automatic flapping and manual flapping. I did a quick test animation. At the end, when the fly lands, is an example of where I switched from auto flapping to manual flapping.

The next time you find yourself needing a fly for your shot, give this guy a try!


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