Combined Design/3D Portfolio

With over 15 years of experience in Marketing and Design, I will be a positive addition to any team. I’m a storyteller at heart and that is how I approach Marketing. I want to tell your story. I approach each problem by first identifying a goal. I then lean on my expertise in usability along with my interests in human behavior and analytics to concept a solution. Once the path is clear, I rely on my strong design fundamentals and eye for detail to create beautiful, efficient, designs and interfaces. The medium is simply the vehicle for the message. I don’t pigeon-hole myself or any one project to a single medium. I always identify the best tool to deliver the message from the source to the target audience in a meaningful way.

At 35 years old, I am not at the end of my career, I am in my prime. I stay current on trends and theories. I want to operate on the cutting edge and push the envelope. I am seeking full-time employment with a company that is looking for the spark that I can provide to their efforts. Let me tell your story and let’s grow together!

Steve Milligan • • 207-357-2916